Town Hall Meeting!
Pennsylvania Rural Business Owners

A town hall meeting is being organized by The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania in conjunction with the Coalition of Concerned Sportsmen, consisting of 150 sporting and shooting clubs representing over 200,000 sportsmen and shooters.

This meeting is to reveal to legislators, the economic damage brought upon the rural business community from the decimation of our #1 game animal, the Whitetail deer by The Pennsylvania Game Commission. Invitations will be extended but not limited to: Governor Corbett and staff, his sportsmen advisory council members, key legislators, and the media.

Your presence is critical as a current business owner, or an owner who has closed your business and identifies that closure to be significantly linked to lost hunter dollars that have disappeared with our Whitetail deer resource. Please recognize this effort for what it is; an evening for your personal business's benefit, our hunting industry, and for all the northern rural economic community.  Fill out form below with your information, this identifies your serious commitment to attend. These reservations are critical for organizational purposes so the optimal venue size and location can be determined.  After we receive your confirmation from the registrations, a time and location will be determined, and of course you will be notified. Our intent is to fill an auditorium and conduct an interactive town hall type meeting to inform and prove to the current administration that the PGC deer program is seriously flawed and must immediately change. Pennsylvania Deer management must be restructured and balanced to benefit our hunting industry and business community, not just forestry and ideological biodiversity special interests!

Randy Santucci
President of  The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania
SW Regional Director

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